The Structure of Woman Forum Elbasan is:

The highest decision making body is the General Meeting of Members of the association (GMM), which meets at least once a year. General Meeting of Members may be not less than five members. GMM led by President of the association and its absence by a member of its Executive Board. The Report of GMM has to be signed by the head of the session and the employee or holder of the protocol.

The executive board of the organization is composed of 5 members, their responsibilities and attributes are as follows:

  • It realizes the program approved by GMA (General Meeting Assemble);
  • It undertakes initiatives unforeseen in the program or urgent issues which are discussed in GMA in the usual meeting;
  • It takes care for the financial situation of the association and decides for the number of persons employed and special services according to the financial situation of the association.

The legally authorized person of the NGO is the president of the NGO. She is appointed to represent the association in its activities and other organizations within the country and abroad. The president elects the technical staff of the association.

We are a member organization (approximately 120). The association counts members and some pay the membership fee (50 lek/per month). Most of them are involved in activities we organize and are a great help when we organize meetings especially in villages.

We work in groups and the decisions regarding the NGO are taken in groups. It never happens that someone may decide on her own what to do without taking the opinions of others.

These last years we have had many volunteers who frequented the centre:

  • We have coordinators in fifty rural communes, in the regions of Elbasan. They are our contact points with the local government, and they are our first contact points with women/girls affected by violence and inform this contingent about our free services, help etc. Thanks to the work of these coordinators a lot of abused women have come in the services of WFE as Counseling Centre,  Advocate Studio and Day care Centre.
  • Many women, beneficiaries of our services have now become volunteers of the NGO. They distribute our awareness materials to women who don’t have information about us and accompany women with violence problems to the centre to receive face to face,  juridical counseling or sheltering.
  • Many volunteers at WFE are students of Elbasan University who study in different fields, such as Social Affairs, Psychology, Philosophy, and in the Foreign Languages. They give information to other students about the NGO; participate in different activities we organize with the community, distribute leaflets, posters in the community. A considerable number of students especially from Social Affairs Department have conducted the practice-course at WFE, based on the agreement we have with Elbasan University “Aleksandër Xhuvani”.
Woman's Forum Elbasan Structure
Woman’s Forum Elbasan Structure