Legal Aid Office (LAO) has continued to provide free legal services for the target group of women threatened by domestic violence and economic difficulties. The LAO has assisted the clients at the Elbasan Regional Court. During the period, we had not any appeal case to the Durres Court of Appeal.

The obligations they perform are:

  •  Preparing documents for legal processes and for other institutions;
  •  Legal counselling;
  •  Legal representation before the court.

Women fill Evaluations Forms after receiving the services of the Legal Aid Office in order to see their opinion regarding the offering of services. The aim is to evaluate and improve the services of the LAO. 

Legal representation before the Court.

The work done for free legal protection consisted of the following steps:

First step: Listening to the problem; taking into consideration the evaluation of the case from the Counselling Centre (CC) and Day Care Centre (DCC); legal counseling for solving the problem; communication of the probable legal consequences after the end of the judicial process.

Second step:  search of necessary documents to open the legal file in order to start the judicial process, when the client is determined to continue the solution of the problem in judicial route. At the same time the advocate/lawyer analyzes the economic/financial situation presented by the girls and women, who require economic support for paying the judicial costs  and referring these cases to the project menager for evaluation/assessment.

Third step: continuing counseling while the judicial process is going on or leaving the file without action, when uncertainty is seen on the part of the client, or there might be serious possible problems after the judicial process.